• Hi I am getting inapropiate emails with inapropiate pictures I contacted netfree and they said we don't filter pictures on email. Is this not a terrible loophole I got sent pictures of women!!!!!!!!!!

  • @unclebenjy This is not a loophole in Netfree, Netfree provide internet filtering not email checking.
    You should block the sender from sending you more emails by clicking on settings cog in top right > see all settings > Filters and blocked addresses > Create a new filter then type senders email address in from box and click create filter > tick the box for Delete it and click create filter. (Creating a filter like this is better than using the block feature because blocked emails still come through to spam).
    If the email is sent from a Gmail account you should report it to Google so the account is closed using this form: https://support.google.com/mail/contact/abuse?hl=en.

  • @unclebenjy As @shloimy95 stated this is because emails are considered to be your own private property and therefore things like your family pictures would be open. However NetFree does filter commercial emails like promotions from shopping sites.

    There is also an option to filter personal content like private emails in the filter settings section of your account.