• I have a netstick with NetFree on it. I plugged the stick into my chromebook (which was working previously) and now cannot connect to the internet at all which means I cannot sign in at all. I tried connecting to a different network (which was working before) and now that is not working either.

    Did anyone else try connecting with NetFree to a chromebook? Can anyone help?

    Thank you!

  • @asegal
    Did you install the security certificate?
    Reed more here.

  • I downloaded the security certificate from a different network at the beginning of last week and did everything you said to do. I then was still able to connect to the internet using a different network by a neighbor (which did not have netfree on it) while I waited to get my own internet connection. I got my internet stick (with Netfree) last week and tried to connect it. It didn't work. When I went back to my neighbor, I was not able to connect there either!
    I now cannot get into my chromebook at all - not via my internet nor via any other network. I'm completely locked out.
    When I try via my neighbor, it tells me I'm connected but gives me a "please wait" and then "Network not Available".
    When I try to connect via my netstick, it gives me the opening page of Netfree but says I don't have a certificate.
    At this point, I cannot get to my login screen at all.
    Please help!

  • @asegal I do know someone who uses it on chromebook without any issue.