Combine Wifree and the Anywhere, add automatic VPN reconnecter

  • As far i have experience with Net free, I need constantly (disconnect and) reconnect the VPN , and it dosen't work a lot of times. so why not make a one program (like all companies that use VPN/Proxy) witch should besides enforcing the VPN it should automatic reconnect it and make sure it works too.

  • What do you use, enywhere?

  • @BYK Hi,
    Anywhere does reconnect automatically 0_1549218476159_49dc4165-5ab3-4dc8-bb0b-637a89833eeb-image.png

    Regarding combining anywhere and wifree: this is not done because there are other ways of connecting to NetFree which also require WiFree such as:

    • VPN on the router
    • ISP
    • WiFi
      WiFree is a separate program that blocks the PC if it is not connected to the filter at all.