• Just a few years ago Netfree was just a dream.
    It seemed almost impossible to remove inappropriate pictures from disturbing one's רוחניות and גשמיות when using the internet.

    And now with much thanks to @admin we are recipients of the fulfillment of this dream of idealism fueled by Magicode his wife and team.

    What seemed impossible has been reached and in just a couple of years over 400 million pictures have been checked by human eye in real time.
    These checked pictures are on the sites and pages that thousands of Netfree users have chosen and use and are now available for all other users.


  • @אורי It makes me kind of sad that all this energy is going towards something without a lasting use.
    How many pictures are sent for filtering only to arrive back long after the sender has moved on to the next page?
    Perhaps there are ways to make this more "energy efficient"? To somehow cancel the request if the user has moved to a new page? It seems like a very difficult technical challenge...

  • There is an underling principle within Netfree: What was important for one user will be important of another user.
    Obviously it isn't always true but certainly a very large percentage of wasted checking was used by another user.