Google voice

  • I received the following question in an email:

    " I am wondering if you know if RL or netfree can make the filter compatible with OBI and Google voice.

    I asked them to fix it a few times and it works for a bit and then stops to work. Is there any hope and what should be done?"

    Can anyone help?

  • I have the obihai 200 at home it worked a couple of years perfectly fine without any problems,
    until GV started working on sip (see here more details) since then I didn't manage to get it working again, just a few days ago I started again sending recordings to the support, i will IY"H keep you posted on what ended of happening.
    It might very possibly be that NetFree is at all not at fault as you could see in the forums of obitalk and Google Voice alot of people are having those kind of problems (maybee they all have NetFree 😏 )

  • i have both obi202 and obi200 and i keep them attached to a separate network for QoS and because of the filter but it would be nice if it did work on the filtered network as well. (i also must have wifree on all my pc's because of this unfiltered network...)

  • @Morgen
    Did you try getting it to work on the filtered internet?

  • @Chocolate
    Any updates?

  • Unfortunately none