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    And you have to reload the page a few times until the approved image comes up. I feel that if the images need to be processed in a way that they open as soon as they are proccessed and not having to reload the page everytime

    This is an old issue. Many pictures do refresh automatically. The problem is that the code that refreshes the pictures misses some cases. For the full technical description see my post in the Hebrew forum. I posted a script that helps somewhat. It is still not ideal. Ideally netfree should fix the issue.

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    Like 2 minutes max.

    I don't think opening sites will ever be that fast. They are all checked manually (as opposed to with other filters).

    Also, the pictures open after three minutes

    There is indeed some room for improvement there...

  • @OutWorQ-LLC
    I really beleive that its a question of money and i am willing to pay more and im sure that many more are to increase speed. If netfree would charge 5 shekels more for their filter a month, they would have another 57,000 dollars a month to work with and increase the speed of everything and take care of all of the requests and needs of their users. Now, you have to create a party on the forum inorder to get somewhere and even then only after a weeks if you even get approved.

  • I really believe that its a question of money

    It's hard to agree or disagree because the administrators don't really reveal their reasoning...
    Your suggestion has come up numerous times in the past in the Hebrew forum. I don't know if there has ever been a full response as to why not, but without doubt it has been thoroughly discussed.

    57,000 dollars

    How do you get to that number? That would require Netfree to have approx 40,000 subscribers...

  • @yzahn thats the number

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    There is a difference between Israel and america, in israel, the chareidi community is mostly exposed to internet at first through netfree. Here people know what regular internet is. Here people need speed. Like 2 minutes max for a site to open.

    Just to clarify: this is an additional concern that you have (besides for the american sites issue [which i believe isn't an issue]). correct?

    To address this issue allow me to expound slightly on the information available about NetFree's website review system and NetFree's support system as a whole.

    When a request (Website review or any other) is submitted it is placed on a waiting list in the appropriate department (Website review, Tech support, Development, Review, Report etc.) where it is handled in the order it was received. If the user requires priority then the user can increase the priority level (aka points).

    From my experience, during most hours of the day Website/video review requests with higher priority are handled in 2-3 minutes.
    To make them all shorter isn't possible as @yzahn wrote::

    They are all checked manually (as opposed to with other filters).

    Those requests that require Technical support (טיפול מקצועי) do take longer because the issues can be complex.

    @OutWorQ-LLC Has you personal experience shown you different results?

  • @DovidStroh I had two questions and i didnt know where to go, so i sent two questions to technical support, they were only answered 6 hours later, one with with 2points and one with 3 points. now if im running a business, thats alittle impractical,wouldnt you say?

  • @OutWorQ-LLC

    1. Was it sent after hours (8am till 12am) [1am till 5pm EST]
    2. Was it a website or tech support?

  • @DovidStroh 1)Yes it was, 2) it was both.
    Most of my kiosk users are using the computers afterhours. and need both websites open and tech support after hours.

  • This is really frustrating for instance, im trying to search cubicles right now to send my partner pictures and all of the pictures are blocked. Theres no reason that they should be blocked, now im a tzaddik and ill deal with my frustration but the regular person will be turned off by this.

  • You have the option to have your voice heard by voting for faster picture checking at:

    you can give up to 3 votes altogether - lets make a change!!! Votes going up!

  • @מאיר You keep bringing up old posts regarding images from a time where NetFree outgrew it's image review team and needed more reviewers..

    The image review times have since been improved really good and there really is no issue here at all.

    For example right now it is 16 seconds

    In addition the item you keep advertising is not for making it faster.

    Read more in the link that you yourself included.